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Strange Bedfellows

We All Need Someone We Can Lean On

8 January 1960
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This is the home of our crossover fanfic, “Strange Bedfellows,” a Harry Potter/Once Upon a Time in Mexico crossover, featuring the crack pair of Professor Severus Snape and Agent Sheldon Sands.

This pairing was first conceived back on January 21, 2007 with this sporking over on deleterius. Agent Sands had already become a fairly popular guest sporker in the Deleterian circle, but a few members—in particular, gehayi—expressed interest in the idea of Snape sporking alongside him. das_mervin convinced her silent sporking and writng partner Mrs. Hyde to play the part of Snape opposite her Sands. Mrs. Hyde in turn made it a point to write the boys as deliberately ambiguous and maybe a little flirty, and thus the ship was born in all its snarky glory.

The pair featured together in several badfic sporks and a few PPC-misson fics, before finally starring in their own feature, novel-length fic, which is presented here for your enjoyment.

We give you Strange Bedfellows.

This journal contains our feature attraction, several asides from the same universe, and a few PPC-mission-style fics featuring our intrepid heroes. The main fic will be updated weekly, with the occasional aside scattered throughout. There are also links below to their sporking adventures for any who are interested. Feel free to friend us for the updates and don't hesitate to email us if you'd like to contribute your work to this cracktastic pairing.

Snape and Sands: Sporkers on Deleterius

Harry Potter and the Fall of a Dark Lord (Part I) (Part II)
Sanctuary of Arda (Part I) (Part II) (Part III) (Part IV) (Part V)
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Life upside down
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